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Using the Big Data Analytics techniques and technologies, we help and support our clients, with below services, more effectively and efficiently.



assureBI Certified Training conducted by Mr. Nishith Seth for GPIC, Bahrain. Objectives was more than achieved. Expectations were more than met...[read more]

Mr. Percy Mistry, Chief Internal Auditor GPIC, Bahrain

We would definitely look at consultant like sspl to help us out in getting more such kind of assureBI scripting, yes we want to do this in big way group because that the kind of assurance management expects we are committed to doing this...[read more]

Mr. V. Swaminathan, Chief Internal Auditor Godrej Industries Ltd.

assureBI is widely used as part of operational risk management to ensure ICFAR which is internal control for financial reporting. We plan to use assureBI widely we would run scripts in the future so that we more proactively and effectively use assureBI tool advantage...[read more]

Mr. Sunder Krishnan, Chief Risk Officer Reliance Life Insurance Company

We express our heartfelt gratitude to you for delivering lectures/ making presentations during Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection at Ludhiana and Bangalore...[read more]

Indu Arora, Secretary Committee on Information Technology

Case Studies

Auditors are developing the technical capacity to analyse the vast amounts of information they have captured, and are using the insights generated from that data to build stronger audit methodologies and improve the bottom line...
Telecom analytics include increasing sales, reducing churn and fraud, network management monitoring, billing analytics, revenue assurance, improving risk management, automation of operational analytics and predictive analytics...
Retail analytics is the process of providing analytical data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, etc. that are crucial for making marketing, and procurement decisions. Through our solution, we are able to provide...
While basic reporting and descriptive analytics continues to be a must-have for banks, advances predictive and prescriptive analytics are now starting to generate powerful insights...
Analytics is emerging as a game changer for the Insurance industry facing significant profitability and growth challenges. Advanced and Predictive Analytics are now taking turn for better business management...
Analytics can be a core catalyst to achieving high performance in the energy industry but it takes pragmatic action to become analytically empowered...
An unprecedented amount of data is being generated from enormous video traffic presents, which presents an array of opportunities and challenges for the Channel....
Businesses spend billions of dollars migrating data between information-intensive applications. Yet up to 75 percent of new systems fail to meet expectations often because flaws in the migration...
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Substratal Solutions P. Ltd., (SSPL) a consulting organization and through its team of professionals has been working in the field of Big Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Robotics Analytics, Business Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Predictive Analytics. Through its services SSPL has been successful in serving many major Corporates both in India and Overseas. It now expands its operation by starting Global Analytics Hub in Gurgaon, with 24x7 operations. SSPL was conferred with the Best Big Data Analytics Solution Company Award, by WQPC.