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assure_internal audit.jpg assureBI Telecom is a first-of-its-kind, complete revenue assurance solution which is scalable to various departments of a Telecom Company and perform cross department analysis, designed to tackle critical challenges across the entire revenue chain and diversified data platforms. It offers a set of pre-configured solution templates and open source to change and modify the rules to address revenue assurance check-points.

The key benefits assureBI Telecom has:

Compatible with Multiple Datasource both structured and un-structured.  
Open source of all the logics, users can make suitable changes.
Direct Access to the databases..
Perform Ad-Hoc analysis with user defined rules.  
100% data analysis, with sampling capabilities.  
Cross Department and Enterprise Level Analysis and Business Intelligence.  
Web based, user friendly interface. Even top management can access the reports
Perform analysis at a speed of 1 million records per second. Users can perform entire Revenue Assurance in less than 10 hours, consisting of more than 150 reports.
Users can integrate Customer Support, Finance, Marketing, Management Reporting analysis along with Revenue Assurance. 
Data Validation and Integrity verifications checks are pre-programmed and can be further programmed by the users independently.
Requires low end hardware and network bandwidth.  
Users can perform Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM).

Revenue Assuranced Network Management Services
Postpaid   Capacity Planning
Prepaid   Interactive Voice Recorder Analysis.
Value Added Services   Cradle to Grave Analysis.
Inter Usage Connectivity   Menu Path Analysis.
Roaming Analysis   Service Level Agreement analysis.
Intra Connect Reconciliations (ICR)    
  Customer Service Delivery
Revenue Risk Management   Business Control Department
Bad Debts Calculations and Analysis.   Collection Department
Exposure and Credit Limit Monitoring.   Credit and Risk Department
Barring and Suspension Analysis.   Customer Account Department
Reconnection Reports.      
Settlement and Wholesale Billing Network Management Services
Interconnect   Capacity Planning
Roaming   Interactive Voice Recorder Analysis.
ICR   Cradle to Grave Analysis.
VAS Short Code Operator   Menu Path Analysis.
  Service Level Agreement analysis.
BTS Cell ID Configuration  
Monitoring and Tracking the Retailers.    
Calculation of BTS ID wise Usage.      
Operations Support and Deliverables    
Manage the operations of the entire Revenue Assurance application, by deploying efficient and industry specific man-power.   Managing the modifications, changes or additions to the technical logic and user requirements.
Assures the delivery of all reports on agreed timelines and   Alert management both through SMS and emails to designated users.
Maintenance of the RA applications and its timely back-up   Scheduling of tasks and monitoring for the data availability and report generation on-time.
Our Solution works on following architecture design

Internal Audit

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