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About us

SSPL is a consulting organization specializing in customized assurance services Through its team of professionals in the fields of Business Assurance, Risk Management, Information Security Audit and Compliance Services, SSPL has been successful in serving many major clients in India for last 24 years.

We are committed to provide best of the services as per International Standards with well-tested global methodologies in the field of Business Solutions and Assurance Services.

Formed with a vision to being “the leading assurance service provider”, we are committed to continuous customer service. Helping our clients to steer towards their corporate vision and goal.

Internal Audit
Our Delivery Model

Protect and respect confidentiality
We often work in sensitive environments where the slightest breach of confidentiality - or the appearance of a breach - could have severe consequences and hinder our ability to serve our clients well. We strictly maintain our clients’ confidentiality and do everything we can to encourage others involved in the process - service providers etc. - to share our approach.

Lead with insight
Together, our consultants possess expertise that most companies need for managing risk and assure revenue successfully but struggle to achieve. SSPL is a strategic thought leader in the discipline of Enterprise Risk Management. This leadership is evident in the rich mixture of skills and experiences of our consulting professionals.

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