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Data Analysis Certified Training
Data Analysis training equips the user not only with the technical knowledge of the tool but also develop insight of the data analysis and its techniques. It helps the users to thereafter, perform the analysis with great ease and confidence. SSPL has introduced jointly with LeapFrog Academy introductory, intermediate and advanced level courses through both open enrollment and on-site classes. Open enrollment public classes are ideal for individuals wishing to attend assureBI training - refer to the training schedule for dates and locations of open enrollment sessions.
Introductory Level
In this hands-on course, participants will learn key concepts and techniques and gather the building blocks necessary to access and analyze the data. The sessions are geared towards new or novice users who would benefit from a structured overview. With the aid of examples, participants shall learn how to access data, use commands, build expressions to detect exceptions, and report findings.
Intermediate Level
Aimed at experienced users, intermediate course shall train participants how to combine various commands and expressions to increase productivity and produce more powerful results. Stronger focus is placed on skill building - how to plan and perform data analysis investigations within the context of your objectives. The course shall focus on the areas of Fraud Detection, Control Verifications and Compliance Management.
Advance Level
Developed for more experienced data analysis users who want to further refine their skills and increase their technical knowledge and capabilities. The advanced course instructs participants on the more complex functionality and develops their own logics and processes to achieve assurance, risk and revenue management
How do we train you?
This is a highly participative training course. All the participants shall be provided with independent computer system with Software, Books and Study Material. Entire training shall be on-hand with dummy data and cases created with vast experience of SSPL in SAP System. Trainings shall be batches and personal attention to the participants shall be assured. We shall make sure that all the queries and requirements of the participants are meeting upto there satisfaction. The maximum size of any batch shall be restricted to 10 only; this is maintaining our delivery and training standards.
Language of Training
English (supported by Hindi wherever required).  
Certificate for the Course
The above stated courses are LeapFrog Academy Certified Courses, where all the participants successfully completing the course shall be certified by LeapFrog Academy.
Please Note: After registering for a course, you may cancel or re - schedule your registration without penalty a minimum of FIFTEEN (15) days prior to the course start date. Within the 15-day period prior to the start of the course, there will be no refunds for cancellations nor will credit be extended for rescheduling to another course. Please feel to write us at
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