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Anti-Fraud Measures : Methodologies and Challenges
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assure_internal audit.jpgThe insurance industry has had to develop to deal with the changing circumstances of the current business paradigm. With continual changes to regulation and ever increasing demands on the insurance industry, firms are reviewing their control environment to ensure that a suitable and robust system of controls is implemented effectively. The role of internal audit within the insurance industry is increasingly at the forefront of these developments. With the dual drivers of corporate governance and regulation, senior management and other stakeholders are looking to internal audit to provide a higher level of service to provide the level of assurance required to meet these challenges. Our solution “assureBI Insurance” systematically considers the risks and controls that are appropriate within the insurance industry and designs internal audit approaches that are suitable to meet these demands. Through a series of critical check-points pre-programmed to extract data from most of the commonly used business applications, users are able to perform 100% analysis and have better assurance.

Our solution helps the users to experience the following benefits:

External / Internal Auditing
Fraud Detection
Continuous Monitoring
Operational Analysis
Data Migration
Data Harmonization

Users can also have following technically advantages to their respective audit and workings:

Gather information for decision-making
Retain data integrity – READ ONLY
Process data from different systems
Process large files rapidly
Test 100% of data, rather than sample
Operational Analysis
Automate analytical procedures
Maintain records of your work
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