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SSPL is headquartered in New Delhi, India with offices in Mumbai. In response to a growing demand for our products and services, we are now actively seeking talented, motivated individuals with solid skills who are eager to meet the rewarding challenges of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At SSPL, we understand that relationships are the building blocks of every organization and we are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with our employees as well as with our clients. One of the ways that we continue to do this is by creating a working environment where ambitions and minds can thrive.

SSPL recognizes that we all perform better when we enjoy what we're doing; self-improvement, continuous learning and communication of knowledge are what keep our work interesting. We welcome inquiries from skilled professionals who are looking for an opportunity to maximize their talents and realize their ambitions in a highly fulfilling, collaborative environment.

Caption Students and Graduate
      Caption  Technical Trainee
      Caption  Management Trainee
Caption Experienced
      Caption  Technical Software Content Writer
      Caption  Data Analyst
      Caption  BDM / Sales
      Caption  Project Manager
      Caption  Marketing Manager
      Caption  Business Assurance Analyst

Internal Audit
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