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Welcome all. This new ACL User Group (Community) has been established to give you better insight to ACL Technology and exchange your valuable experiences and issues with other users in the group. Apart from promoting discussion and heightening the awareness of ACL software, you will receive more updates on the latest product features as well as market information. There has been a lot of demand for a forum area or regular discussion group on the web. We welcome users or non-users to chat, discuss and share your experiences with others on anything and everything related to ACL software. We also encourage you to publicise your local ACL seminars, conferences, meetings and/or other ACL topic of interest through this forum.

Through this initiative, we are going to improve product-related communication, make sure we are aligned in our messaging and collaborate so we can meet our goals. This will also allow us to be more agile in the market and more responsive to new and emerging issues. There are no silly questions or comments. If you've got a question you need answered, or an experience you want to share, this is the place to do it. Any questions, requests or issues about this blog, send them directly to me at

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