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Crime Record Tracker

Crime Record Tracker (CRT) is a completely integrated, flexible and powerful suite of information management tools for law enforcement and the public safety market. CRT reputation for providing high quality, easy to use, affordable software has made us the vendor of choice for today's progressive law enforcement professionals in India. Our trusted & proven solutions can be used 24x7 by hundreds of agencies throughout India, integrating the creation of accused record, to the final conviction judgment. The tool helps to analyse the crime trends over a police station, city, state and at national level. SSPL provides complete end-to-end solution along with Software and compatible hardware components. Complete history, along with associate’s information, could be traced instantly through CRT. It’s an easy to use multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of a progressive law enforcement agency. Few of the benefits are: 

CaptionFaster Input: A collection of tightly linked modules that are all integrated with   master indexes reduce redundant input and speed data entry.

CaptionPowerful Searches: The online search capability allows you to instantly      search for, find and cross-link information on people, vehicles, locations,   property and official documents.ial documents.

CaptionExtensive Reporting: The system's extensive reporting capabilities allow you to   produce printed detail and summary reports quickly and easily.

CaptionDocument Security: Individual access control as well as module and   document   specific security help keep you valuable information protected and safe.

CaptionInformation Sharing: The carefully planned and unique design allows you to   easily share   your data with other agencies.

CaptionAccuse Records are maintain in electronic format for years. Data is also   secured   against climatic disasters.

CaptionScalable Size: Available in two fully functional product editions, the product   can   be affordably implemented in agencies both small and large using either   a pure   LAN (Professional Edition) or Client /Server (Enterprise Edition)   architecture.

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