Media Analytics

Media Analytics Enabling Software Solution


An unprecedented amount of data is being generated from enormous video traffic presents, which presents an array of opportunities and challenges for the Channel. Media Analytics presents a solution to manage and take appropriate business decision, at almost real-time basis. SSPL, with its history of over 20 years in the Industry of Data Analytics, provides extremely fast, tested and trusted solution to provide various Business Intelligent Reports and Trends, on the user defined parameters. The solution and services not only enables Channels to understand their viewers better, but also helps them optimize the airtime with best possible telecast.

Media Analytics Enabling Software Solution

SSPL’s Media Analytics enabling software solution can be leveraged to build offerings to understand the user behavior. Our solution generates audience engagement measurements and is capable of supporting structured as well as non-structured data from all possible sources in the Industry. The framework enables a user to run descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics over the collected data. It helps in generating reports, charts and dashboards that provide insights into customer behavior. The solution also implements a recommendation engine to suggest movies and programs based on user’s viewing history and preferences. It also provides a forecasting engine to estimate revenue generated through customer activity.

The key features of our Media Analytics that allow you to get insights into customer behavior are:

Media Analytics

Media analytics dashboards to monitor audience engagement with content and to understand viewing patterns of the customer. The insights can be leveraged to build customer loyalty programs. The solution also provides recommendations for targeted ads insertion to optimize effectiveness of ads.


It provides out-of-box recommendation for VOD and linear TV based on the customer preferences and their viewing history and also based on behavior and viewing history of other similar users.

Audience Engagement

Audience engagement dashboards to understand the audience better. It enables service providers to collect and correlate second-by-second subscriber activity across television, video-on-demand, mobile and broadband services with demographic and psychographic information to generate customer/subscriber profile and segmentation knowledge of unprecedented depth.


The accelerator generates visually rich interactive dashboards, reports and charts using the analytical and visualization platform. These reports provide high level view on customer trends including traffic,behavior and sentiment from both Web and social media platforms.Reports can be drilled down further to get specific details about the customer behavior.

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