Revenue Assurance

Sharpening capabilities in Digital and Converge Space

Sharpening capabilities in Digital and Converge Space

Revenue Assurance (RA) was conceived as a risk mitigation solution about 20 years ago in response to the constantly increasing complexity of the telecom value chain and growing revenue leakages.

Protect, Monitor & Control All Possible Revenue Leakages

Today, Revenue Assurance is being looked upon seriously by Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Retail Sectors also. The priorities of the CFO (Chief Financial Officers) of the organisation is to protect, monitor and control all possible revenue leakages, be it through Frauds, Manipulations or Adjustments. With the declining margins and new opportunities/ services on the horizon, corporates success cannot rely solely on state-of-the-art networks; and technology alone shall not guarantee benefits for companies. The recent industry shift toward convergence within the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industry and the emergence of other entrants such as Over-the-Top (OTT) players make revenue assurance more mandatory than ever before for the providers to ensure their strategies and systems are robust. Timely Inter-operator settlement also forms major concerns for the CFO to maintain the funds flow within the organisation for smooth operations and growth.
Revenue Assurance is the methodology of increasing an organization’s income by identifying areas where revenue gets lost and minimizing these losses by eliminating or fixing the source of the leaked revenue. There are various business activities that can contribute to revenue leakage within companies. Various analytics are being used to monitor and control the revenue leakages.

SSPL has been working in revenue assurance solutions and services with various Banks, Insurance, Retail and Telecom Companies.

The key benefits of assureBI :

  • Compatible with Multiple Datasource both structured and un-structured.
  • Open source of all the logics, users can make suitable changes.
  • Direct Access to the databases..
  • Perform Ad-Hoc analysis with user defined rules.
  • 100% data analysis, with sampling capabilities.
  • Cross Department and Enterprise Level Analysis and Business Intelligence.
  • Web based, user friendly interface. Even top management can access the reports
  • Perform analysis at a speed of 1 million records per second. Users can perform entire Revenue Assurance in less than 10 hours, consisting of more than 150 reports.
  • Users can integrate Customer Support, Finance, Marketing, Management Reporting analysis along with Revenue Assurance.
  • Data Validation and Integrity verifications checks are pre-programmed and can be further programmed by the users independently.
  • Requires low end hardware and network bandwidth.
  • Users can perform Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM).

Revenue Assurance

  • Postpaid
  • Prepaid
  • Value Added Services
  • Inter Usage Connectivity
  • Roaming Analysis
  • Intra Connect Reconciliations (ICR)

Network Management Services

  • Capacity Planning
  • Interactive Voice Recorder Analysis
  • Cradle to Grave Analysis
  • Menu Path Analysis
  • Service Level Agreement analysis

Revenue Risk Management

  • Bad Debts Calculations and Analysis
  • Exposure and Credit Limit Monitoring
  • Barring and Suspension Analysis
  • Reconnection Reports

Customer Service Delivery

  • Business Control Department
  • Collection Department
  • Credit and Risk Department
  • Customer Account Department

Settlement & Wholesale Billing

  • Interconnect
  • Roaming
  • ICR
  • VAS Short Code Operator

BTS Cell ID Configuration

  • Monitoring and Tracking the Retailers
  • Calculation of BTS ID wise Usage