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Customer Service Delivery

Service Provisioning Audit for New Activations

  1. The challenge here is to find out whether all the requested services have been activated or not on the mobile number of the subscriber. It requires keeping a record of the total number of services provided, the ones requested by any particular user and ensuring the same has been provided.
  2. Whenever a new subscriber is added, a record has to be made regarding the bill plan opted for and various other details. With ACL it has been possible to track the newly activated subscriber who’s Bill Plan, CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) Component and SMS (Short Message Service) component is not included in package database.
  3. Another successful implementation of ACL has been the CLIP Component Audit. Here it is required to track the newly activated subscriber who’s multiple Bill Plan, CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) Component and SMS (Short Message Service) component is included in the package database.
  4. A check is also kept on any individual component that may not have be attached in the package.
  5. A check is made on the incorrect Pin Code in reports showing details of the newly activated numbers.

First Call Report   Postpaid Activation Report

A First Call and First Recharge Report is generated so that no error is made while updating records of a subscriber for billing purposes.


While updating the New Activations Report, details of all new subscribers having postpaid connection is also added.

Number Cleanup Process   Differentiation on basis of payment status

Service providers have to keep a record of the numbers that are no longer in use and have been permanently disconnected.  In order to implement this, a three-step process is followed. Firstly, a record is generated listing all the numbers that have been permanently made unavailable. This is followed by making them available to the system of Activation On Line (AOL) and makes them free to be used by new subscribers. The last and the most important part of this process is to update the NMS (Number management System). This ensures that the number is now ready to be re allotted.


The subscribers have been clubbed under Active, De-active and Suspended subscribers.

Another feature, which has been added, is to generate a report of those users whose payment is outstanding and have also crossed a specified credit limit.

This ensures that the correct numbers are forwarded to the collection agencies.

First Time Resolution (FTR)   Subscriber Bad Debt Calculation

It is listed out on a daily basis as to what has been requested by a customer. In addition to this, details are also listed regarding the compliance status of their requests.


A report is generated which calculates bad debt accurately (on daily, monthly and quarterly basis) in order  to study impact of the same on total revenue.

Subscriber Collection Performance   Subscriber Identification (SI) Transfer

It is recorded if the subscribers are paying the monthly bills in time or not. This not only ensures timely collection of revenue but also gives a scope of improving the billing schedule in case of lapses.


Here, the credit limit of subscriber is updated in the database when he chooses the option of SI transfer.

Reconnection and Unbarring Report   Multiple Monitoring Report

A system has been developed to report cases that are due for reconnection (barred earlier due to non payment) and for unbarring (barred due to reasons other than non payment).


Get the billed and unbilled usage of multiple type subscribers.

Initial Credit Limit Automation   Fraud Detection

ACL usage has facilitated the calculation of credit limit of a new subscriber accurately and automatically.


When a new number is activated, it may result to be a bad account. However, a system has been generated to detect probable fraud in the cases of new activations.

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