Training on Big Data Analytics

How to use the best out of Big Data Analytics Tools and Technology,
to achieve More in Less Time, with Robotic Analytics.

Using Various Tools & Technologies

Big Data Analytics is gaining grounds in the professional services related to Operations, Internal Audit, Risk Advisory, Fraud Management and MIS Reporting. Industries are now relying more on the reports and dashboards generated from the big data analytics. Big Data Analytics can be performed using various tools and technologies, but more than the tool, it’s important to learn the analytics techniques and approach to the same.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics :

  • Identify trends, pinpoint exceptions, and highlight potential areas of concerns and revenue management.
  • Automation of Processes, to perform More in Less Time.
  • Upgrade the team with the latest tools and technologies, for more efficient working and delivery.
  • Know the Unknown, in the system weaknesses.
  • Use technology's unique capabilities to perform a wide variety of Intelligent and Analytical operations.
  • Integrate the multi-source data, to perform efficient Big Data Analytics.
  • Analyze data interactively, with Real-Time results, and Positive Predictive alerts.
  • Perform more frequent analytics using International Best Practices.
  • Execute in auto-mode, reports on an as required basis.
  • Perform Transaction Analytics with Business Intelligence.
  • Perform Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM).

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